Thursday, March 5, 2009

Get Your Blotanical Fix

PhotobucketFor the past day or so, many of my garden blogging friends have been in an uproar. “Where is Blotanical? Why isn’t it coming up? It’s been ‘suspended’? When is it coming back? Where is Stuart?????”

To the uninitiated, the fuss may have seemed puzzling. But to those who have joined the Blotanical community, this was a BIG DEAL! I saw words like “hooked,” “addicted,” “morning fix,” “withdrawal symptoms,” “fish out of water,” and “panic” flying everywhere I looked.

It turned out to be a temporary downtime, of course—undoubtedly allowing creator Stuart Robinson to make Blotanical even better than it already is. All is fine now, and we're breathing a collective sigh of relief. For many of us garden bloggers, Blotanical is our main link to each other. We can show off our successes, vent our frustrations, plead for help with a troubling plant, or just enjoy each other’s company for a spell.

If you are not yet acquainted with Blotanical, I encourage you to scoot on over and check it out. And you don’t have to be a blogger to enjoy it, either. You can sign up (at no cost) as either a blogger or just a “civilian” member and partake of its numerous features.

Blotanical offers many ways to find and stay connected with other gardeners. One way is to search by location. I have enjoyed comparing notes with other bloggers right here in the Chicago area. Or, when I’m feeling adventurous, I can pick any part of the world and escape for a virtual tour of bloggers’ gardens there.
Blotanical screen
A search feature allows me to find all postings on any topic I care to dream up. And there are lots of other ways to sort blogs and postings, as well, including most recent, most popular, and posts by new bloggers. If I like, I can choose a list of favorites, so I can always find them easily.

As a new kid on the gardening blogger block, I have greatly appreciated the extra exposure my blog has received through Blotanical—not to mention the encouraging words and great tips and ideas from all my new friends around the world.

We’re so glad you’re back, Blotanical. (Now, can I have my red star, Stuart? :)


  1. Hi Donna. This might sound really pathetic but I've never been so happy to see a computer screen and my beloved Blotanical. Love your title, Suburban Sanctum~very clever.

  2. Thanks, Grace--I know what you mean. I think we were all a little beside ourselves. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I really have missed it and it's been a great way to connect with local bloggers.
    I'm still having some problems and not able to find certain blogs or my blog lists. I'm sure it will eventually all be back in order :)

  4. I managed to get a few things done that I wouldn't have, otherwise--so it wasn't all bad;) Glad it's back, though!

  5. Hi, Catherine--It has been a boring couple of days without Blotanical, hasn't it? It's still been a little spotty for me too today, but I'm sure it will be all new-and-improved in no time. Now I'm having trouble with Blogger comments. In the words of the late, great Emily Litella (alias Gilda Radner), "It just goes to show ya, it's always somethin'." :)

  6. Hi, Jan--I sure know what you mean. I made a nice dent in the laundry pile yesterday. Now it can stack up again for a while though--lots of blogs to catch up on!

  7. Hi there - you wrote the post that I was composing in my head today! :) Didn't realize how much I needed my "fix" until it was gone! Look forward to checking out more of your blog (via Blotanical, of course!). - Karen (Seattle)

  8. Yep, that was a shock! And we're all happy to have Blotanical back. Originally, I really thought my audience was just gardeners in Northern California (and I still pretty much write for that audience) but noone was commenting. Then I discovered Blotanical and GBBD, and now I feel like part of a community. (And then I talk to some gardeners here, and find out they've been lurking but never commenting for months ;->)

  9. Hi, Karen--sorry to steal the idea right out from under your nose! I'm sure you can give it your own twist and do it anyway. I'm glad you came by for a visit. I enjoyed the chance to get acquainted with your blog as well. Be seeing you!

  10. Hi, Town Mouse--That's funny about your lurking readers! Glad you finally connected with them, one way or another! I enjoy reading your blog even though we're in different corners of the world and you have VERY different plants and conditions from mine. (And it cracks me up that we're brought together by a hard-working guy way down under somewhere!) I appreciate your passion for gardening, and especially for native plants, and LOVE your sense of humor and creativity. Ditto for Country Mouse. :) See ya around!


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