Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice Follies

Our recent day-night cycle of thaw-freeze-thaw-again, along with high winds, has left some mighty interesting patterns in the ice in my garden, as well as around the reservoir behind us. Here’s a little revue…

(I think these were footprints in the snow.)


  1. Those are some interesting pictures. Amazing what water can do with a little wind and freezing temps. Does that reservoir attract a lot of wildlife? It looks like a big pond.

  2. Hi, Catherine--
    Yes, we do get a lot of wildlife around here. We get all kinds of birds, from geese, hawks, and herons, down to little chickadees and hummers. There are also lots of animals, including deer, coyote, fox, raccoon, opossum, groundhogs, and skunks. Not too many bunnies any more, since the coyotes and hawks have appeared. Good for my garden, bad for the bunnies!

  3. WOW Donna, what incredible photos! The first one is certainly different...little "melting-then-frozen" footprints:) The icicles are pretty too. Then I got to the water and wow, amazing how it forms such intriguing shapes, etc. Natures mysteries and surprises--always something new:)

  4. Hi, Jan--
    You're right about the mysteries and surprises. I enjoy looking out every day and seeing how the landscape has changed. It's not nearly as dramatic as some seashores I've seen, with frozen waves and all, but we enjoy the subtle beauty in our little microcosm. :)

  5. Very cool shots Donna. How nice to have a reservoir drawing wildlife nearby, too. Thanks for the fave. I've enjoyed poking around your site.

  6. Thanks, Gardeness! And you're welcome for the fave. :) I'm looking forward to some summertime views of your garden!


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